New Perks and Flaws


Well Travelled

Cost 4/5, PER, Conscious

(based on the perk from Dark Matter) The hero has travelled broadly, possibly even to other colonies, and has acquaintances in many remote locations that might act as contacts for him. The 4 point perk means the character has travelled across one world (which should be noted), while the 5 point version means the character has visited several colonies. Whenever he travels to a remote or foreign location, he may make a perk check to "remember" one of these acquaintances. With any success, he locates an individual who serves as a contact (Information, Resource, or Expert, at the player's choice), though a +1 step penalty applies to any skill check used to solicit assistance. The acquaintance may only be utilised in this manner once, though he may be "remembered" again in subsequent visits with another successful perk check. The hero may only attempt to "remember" one contact in any given location in any single adventure or game session (Gamemaster's discretion). If the perk check results in a Critical Failure, the hero's familiarity with the location backfires and he suffers a +1 step penalty to all Personality-based skill checks until he leaves the area (similar to the Infamy flaw). Obviously he did something embarrassing last time he visited.

Note that the value of this perk may vary depending on how large scale the campaign is; the GM should adjust the cost to suit the campaign he plans to run.


Cost 4, PER, Conscious

The hero belongs to a social network - a family, an association, a Trahan branch, a social club, an Arcadian hive, a Stevens clone or household, old school ties, a gang or any other group of people - that may aid and support the hero. This is a source of contacts, advice and other information, practical help and support. The kind of network will of course determine what it can do and achieve (as well as what it might be willing to do). The network may have its own agendas, internal quarrels and views, and the hero has to remember that irritating or embarrasing one's network is a sure way to lose influence. The perk works similar to Powerful Ally; when in need, the hero can contact his network and request help, and a perk check determines how much help is received. The Gamemaster should discuss the nature of the network, what it can do and how it works (some are very informal, others as rigid as Masonic orders) and how the hero fits in. The cost may vary depending on the power of the network, the hero's standing and other factors.

Prophylactic Genetic Modifications

Cost 2, CON, Active

The character was born after a genetic scan, where genetic diseases and retroviral DNA was removed from the zygote and helpful genes and immunities added. This does not enhance the character noticeably, but he is free from all genetic diseases, many unwanted ageing effects like baldness and resists diseases in the normal environment better. He has a -1 bonus to CON checks against illnesses from his homeworld.

Business Sense

Cost: 3, INT, Active

The character has a knack for making money. He or she receives a -1 bonus to all business-related skill checks, such as Bargain. In suitable situations the Gamemaster should alert him about potential business opportunities if the character succeeds with an INT check. This perk provides +1 wealth.

Net Presence

Cost: 3, INT, Conscious

The character has a strong presence on the Net, making him a media power in his field. Anything posted on the net by the character will likely be noted by many people (even if they don't agree with it). This provides a forum for his views, regardless of what other media think. Perfect for pirate broadcasters, political dissidents or troublemakers. With a INT check, the character can get a piece of news into the media stream and make people take notice. +1 to Fame.


Bad Business Sense

+3 bonus skill points, INT

The character makes bad decisions about money, and tends to chose business partners and investments badly. The character receives a +1 penalty to all business-related skill checks, and when encountering somebody trying to sell something or convince him to invest in something he has to succeed with a WIL check to resist the opportunity. -1 to Wealth.


+3 Bonus Skill Points, INT

The character cannot avoid following laws, rules or regulations unless he succeeds with a WIL check no matter how ridiculous they are or how dire the situation is (the difficulty will depend a bit on circumstances). This is a common flaw among Mary bureaucrats, and exceedingly rare on Atlantis.

Cryonic Damage Syndrome

+3 Bonus Skill Points, CON

The character cannot safely be cryonically frozen, due to a rare mutation of the cell membrane proteins. This means the character cannot be frozen during long space trips, as an emergency measure or perform time-jumping. Should the character be frozen anyway, he receives a +3 penalty to the constitution checks.

Bizarre Squid

+ 2(+3 for Atlanteans) Bonus Skill Points, CON

The brain of the character is unusual in some way, making the squid signal look odd. Atlanteans tend to be confused by it, and often assume it is inked or due to some serious mental problem; they react to it with a +1 penalty.

Information Junkie

+2 Bonus Skill Points, WIL

The hero is an information glutton, unable to resist the chance to learn more and keep up with the news. When given the chance the hero will view the Net, look at news, read or search more data. If presented with a choice between doing what he should and getting more information, he has to succeed at a WIL check (difficulty depending on the situation). An information junkie suffers a +1 distraction whenever there is an active source of information in the vicinity. The advantage is that the hero tends to pick up useful information; when the GM allows the hero can remember something interesting by making a successful INT check ("Oh! I saw a multicast with her on the AI-channel"). This is a very common flaw on Nova.


+2/4/6 Bonus Skill Points, WIL

The hero is addicted to something, usually a drug but it can also be something else. The size of the flaw depends on how badly the addiction affects the person's life. A higher flaw does not necessarily mean a stronger craving, it could be that the substance is highly illegal, expensive or has serious drawbacks; the details has to be worked out by the player and GM. Whenever encountering the addictive substance the character has to suceed at a WIL check to avoid taking it (+0/+1/+2 in difficulty depending on severity of the flaw). Also, when going without it for a while, he has to succeed a WIL check to avoid seeking it out, ignoring other duties.

It should be noted that Arcadians with drug glands can be quite addicted to substances they produce themselves, but as long as there is no outside problem (such as side effects or irrational behavior) this is not a flaw. On Dionysos and Atlantis most or all drugs are quite legal and easily accessible; this makes this flaw less worth there (but on the other hand, a quite ordinary Dionysian going to a restrictive planet may suddenly find himself craving the usual Dionysian drugs).


+2/4/6 Bonus Skill Points, PER

The hero has prejudices against a group of people or aliens, such as the Stephens family, people from Nova, Unity, Trahans, AIs or neo-Taoists (Filigrees doesn't count, as humans do not have any real interaction with them; prejudices are only flaws when they come into play in practice). A prejudiced person will have a hard time dealing with them, suffering +1/+2/+3 on any interaction or Leadership skill checks when it involves one of the group the person is prejudiced against. To avoid showing the prejudice, the character needs to make a PER roll with a difficulty depending on the situation. If the other side understands that he is prejudiced, they might react in turn. A prejudiced person cannot have the Culture skill dealing with the group. The most severe version of this flaw means that the character is not just prejudiced against but directly opposed to the group; he will not likely try to hide it, and not cooperate with the group unless forced to.