New Organisations


The AI Council

The council was set up as an emergency meeting by the Process as the Li appeared on Nova. They sought out influential or representative AI programs, which of course could not be infected by the Li and hence could be trusted to help protect Nova. After the initial crisis was over, the AIs decided to retain the informal council to watch Li-related developments. While several AIs do not consider the Li a bad thing in itself, they are all interested in avoiding disruptions and chaos. The Council is an informal cabal of powerful AI, and might have other things on its agenda too.

Lyra Armarments Cooperation

A weapons consortium founded in May 2352 by representatives of the Net of Weg, Zetatech and LKT Spacetech. The goal is to synergize the different kinds of armanet technology that have developed on Atlantis and Weg, combining old designs and trading weapon systems. The Net is mainly interested in getting something to give them the edge from the Crafters, while the atlanteans want replicating robots.

The Survivors

A semi-secret group of Arcadians worried about racial survival. They feel that the evidence suggests that there are many dangers for advanced civilisations, and that humanity might be at risk from external or internal threats. Hence they want to establish secret bases to store important knowledge and colonists in order to survive any species-wide calamity (like the Li). They are strong supporters of the expansionists, hoping to locate bases at the new colonies such as Colchis.

Free Planetary Defence Militia

The FPDM was formed to defend Atlantis against the Li or other external threats. It is just one among many defensive militias, but this has the strongest backing. It is sponsored by Zetatech and Mulligan Investments, and consists of individuals and companies who want to help defend Atlantis. The FPDM mainly relies on the weapons of the participants, but organises a system-wide C3I net and has signed contracts with several manufacturers for space drone systems.

The Megayear Foundation

A colony foundation dating back to the early 21st century. It supported the TerraNova project and many of the following projects, mainly with media support and networking. Daughter foundations exist on Nova, Arcadia, New America, Atlantis and Victoria, where they have developed into different kinds of organisations (on Arcadia it has become closely allied with the Expansionists and Survivors, while on Victoria it has become a human-Trahan study organisation). As the colonies are reunited, the versions of the Foundation met at a summit on Nova in 2351 to discuss their views. Despite their differences the main thrust still remains to guarantee mankind's survival and expansion among the stars. It has set up a broad networking program to exchange knowledge, technology and skills to promote an united human expansion effort.

Get A Life Corporation

As AI rights spread, many AIs are freed by their owners but lack the motivation to survive on their own. Get A Life Corporation is a franchise corporation/foundation set up to solve the problem by giving them "therapy" so they can become independent citizens.

Thy Sting

Ephemeralist terror group. As radical life extension technologies spread from Atlantis and Arcadia to other planets, some people became concerned and outraged by the prospect of others living far beyond their "allotted span of years". Thy Sting is a net-based terror group striking against the old, preferably against old rich people that have just undergone life extension treatment or are in cryonic suspension. Their goal is to discourage life extension and cryonics. It began on Nova or New America, and the idea spread to copycat groups supported by various net-manifestos published by the original group. Since the group is distributed and composed of totally independent cells with just a mutual "brand name" it is very hard to track down.