Kennedy Base


Kennedy is the secret staging point for the New America space fleet. It is a brown dwarf 1.5 lightyears from New America, surrounded by a small asteroid belt. Here the NASN (New America Space Navy) has built a base where it trains space marines and starship crews. The reason for the location is the ability to quickly jump to or from New America in the case of a Filigree attack. The Kennedy Base is a fairly cramped habitat, but more and more modules are added to it every day.

The real secret of Kennedy are the building of military spaceships. The NASN is constructing three new ships equipped with state of the art equipment and weaponry. They represent the military side of the Columbus project, an extra reserve of force to be sent in crisis situations. If anything threatens NA, they will be ready to strike anywhere.

The existence of Kennedy is a well kept secret. It is impossible to hide its existence, but the location and nature can be hidden by misdirection. To those who think they are in the know, Kennedy is a base in a comet nucleus somewhere in the Oort cloud outside the system.