I have borrowed ideas and concept widely; if I would mention everybody who have knowingly or unknowingly contributed to Great Ideas Grand Vision this section would fill a website on its own. So I send out a great, undirected thanks to all the sources for this campaign, big and small.

This scenario would not have been possible without the help of my players: Waldemar Ingdahl, Martin Eliasson, Henrik Öhrström, Mats Eriksson, Henrik Alpsten, Nicolai Tuuri, Alexander Sanchez and Tommy Sääf. They are the source of more great ideas and details in this scenario than me, I just feel like the chronicler of their exploration of the world.

I also have received many valuable ideas from the participants of the Extropian mailing list, both as answers to direct questions and as ideas spawned by the discussions. The same goes for Mikael Johansson and the other people at the Stockholm Young Scientist Association. It is clear that when creating a broad scenario, the more diverse the minds helping develop it, the better.

Some of the ideas (especially the Mothers) were originally developed for a sf setting developed for a net-project, unfortunately currently in indefinite suspension. It had a very different scope and philosophy, but produced a lot of useful ideas.

This setting has been influenced by many authors beside the ones mentioned in the literature list: Greg Bear, David Brin, Ian M. Banks, Vernor Vinge, David Zindell, Arthur C. Clarke, John Varley, Neal Stephenson, Stanislaw Lem, Linda Nagata and Olaf Stapledon, just to mention some of the main fiction writers. Among non-fiction writers especially Freeman Dyson, Hans Moravec, J. D. Bernal, Kevin Kelly, Gerald K. O'Neill and the many writers in the transhumanist movement have contributed valuable visions.

2300AD by GDW has of course influenced this setting. It is hard to make a good hard sf roleplaying setting without borrowing and reinventing from it.

Vacuum and Ludwig van Beethoven provided musical inspiration.

The illustrations were mostly made in Bryce; without the tutorials, objects and textures made available by the Bryce community on the Internet they would not have been possible.

Finally, I would like to thank Per Gerhardt getting me started in creating my own sf scenario. Without the arguments I had with him about what constitutes a good and realistic space empire this would never have occurred.