Snail Designer


I work as a snail designer. It might sound odd, but there is really a demand for snails in virtuals, and I make excellent molluscs and shells on a consultancy basis. The next time you stand in a virt forest, take a careful look at the surroundings. If it is a good virt you will see a lot of pseudorg details, and that is why people buy my snails.

Of course, snails are just my hobby, but it is my way into the virtscaping world. One day a snail will be important, and then I will get the thrust. At least that is what I hope. My other job is focus group evaluation, to check out the composition and dynamics of focus groups for various agencies so that they are unbiased and tersed. It is not quite an ai job, but not far from it. No wonder I prefer to work on a miter or a truly wild murex.

The weirdest order for a snail I ever got was from ERIF Technologies, the presentation corporation. They wanted not just a shell or a pseudoanimal but a whole snail personality. I was excited since I thought it would be used in their promotions, but actually it was part of their corporate intraworld as an icon. The snail was to behave in certain ways when given signals, but otherwise be a natural snail. It was apparently some kind of cool interface for the internal messaging system monitoring.