My Birthday Party


By Nick Taylor, age 10
Ludwig von Mises Primary School Inc.

My birthday was very funny. My mother and my two daddies were there and my little sibling Pat. I like my birthdays very much. I share them with Pat since mum and dads thought it was cheaper that way. Mother had bought a big cake and invited all my friends and their parent-networks. Even my far net friends came. Ludwig and her parents brought their house here. They will live near us for a week then they will fly to New Carthage for the Gun Pride Day. Gun Pride Days are fun too because you get to shoot things. This Gun Pride Day will be fun. Because I got a new Trillicon X-Anihilator Assault Rifle. It has bullpup and telescopic sight and integral laser sight and full compatibility with most C3I systems so me and my friends can us it and it even comes with a bipod for target shooting. I will have to work a bit harder at my evening work to earn the money I need to buy all the ammunition I want. I want to buy holocamera bullets so I can show all my friends my shooting. All my dads held a speech about responsibility and the right to bear arms like they usually do. Pat only got a silly little robot - ve is too young to get a real gun. Ve was very envious.

I love my dads and mom very much. Mom works at eugenix and makes great genes. My dads are greedy. And their love costs a lot. That is because George works as a time-lag corespondent stockbroker and Tim works a drugsampler for a lot of netazines, even Big'Uns. When I grow up I want to be a starship pilot, and that is why I want to study theoretical physics.

Everybody was at the party. My friend Lollapalooza and Bejke and all the Lindsay clones because it is fun to play with their horns. Bejke had a new account that he showed everybody. He brags about it but he can back it up. After eating the cake we played in our parents virtual and we got full bandwidth. We played Quickfluid the whole night. Then our parents came to get us to listen to old uncle Ernie hold one of his boring speeches. It was almost coercion, but Ernie pays good money for us to listen to his stuff. It was the same old usual stuff about that Galt character and him being very great and so.

After Ernie we all went into the garden to watch the skies and see Jack and the Beanstalk. The Beanstalk is 4789 kilometres long when I write this and made of polybuckminsterfullerene made by nanomachines. Lollapalooza said she could se the Sun in the sky, but I don't believe her because I know the Sun is in the Big Dipper and that was below the horizon. Lollapalooza often says things like that to raise her stocks, but I see through the bubble.

And then it was four in the morning and people were getting tired so they wanted to go home. Everyone got into the skimmers except Ludwig who now live next door and Anthropophagos Marx and her father because they ride a real horse just to show off tonight. Horses smell, I like zeps and skimmers better. Then we got ready for bed. It was mother's and George's turn to have sex. Pat had fallen asleep on ver robot and it carried ve to the wrong bed - my bed. So I tried to sue it but it was too stupid.