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Self-creation is the highest art.
David Zindell

The stated goal of Transhumanists is to remove all removable limitations, mental, social, biological and physical from ourselves. Finding these limitations, learning about them and finding ways of removing them are an important problem.

Many such limitations are based on our current bodies and minds, which are severely limited due to their biological origin (biological system have evolved to a high degree of adaptability in the environment of the Biosphere, but are very limited in environments not similar to it or for other purposes, like our current culture).


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Late Stages
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Early Stages

Five Things You Can Do To Fight Entropy Now by Romana Machado.
Better Living Through Genetic Algorithms by Derek Zahn. A novel approach to time management.
Rationality versus Emotion by Carl Feynman (page by Damien Sullivan).
Self-Improvement On-Line. A big site, covering every conceivable self-help subject.
Beyond Human. Webzine on self improvement. The quality of the articles varies a great deal, should be taken with a bit of salt.
Load and Run High-tech Paganism Digital Polytheism By Timothy Leary and Eric Gullichsen. Maybe not to everyone's taste, but an view of the self-transformation project from the more cyberian angle.

Late Stages

Cybernetic Immortality node in Principia Cybernetica.
Super- and/or Meta-beings node in Principia Cybernetica.
Legacy Systems and Functional Cyborgization by Alexander Chislenko
Uploading, Self-Transformation & Sexual Engineering by Nick Szabo.
Brain Enhancements node of the Mind Uploading Home Page.
Biosculpting, a posting by Phillip Thorne in sci.nanotech.


Ruminations on the Nature of Power by Wil McCarthy. What to aim for?
I am an AI by David Musick. Why we should be proud of our artificiality.
On Becoming Posthuman by Max More.
Technological Self-Transformation: Expanding Personal Extropy by Max More.
The Transhuman Body in Arkuat's Web. A guide to transhuman ideas for improving the body
Self-Transformation and Extreme Longevity by Romana Machado.
Drifting Identities by Alexander Chislenko. Discusses the questions of self-transformation contra identity, and introduces the idea of an "identity space".
Calvin and Hobbes on Identity
Functional Mods and Antique Rockers by Read Write Execute (Ron Hale-Evans).
Quotes about Self-Transformation by David Zindell

Other Sites

The Rapids of Change: The Inevitability of Fundamental Transformation. A study guide for Robert Theobald's book, discussing how to adapt to change.


Cyborg 101: The Warrior's Guide to the Blackboard Jungle by Angus Wong. A very unorthodox and interesting study guide, with some good observations about self-transformation.

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