Transhuman Holidays

December 25: Newtonmas

Celebrated in honor of Sir Isaac Newton. Eating apples (and dropping them) is popular.

The New Year (December 31-January 1)

Celebrating the possibilities of the new year, and the results and experience of the old year.

January 10: Speck Day

Celebrated in honor of a small speck that glided through the field of vision of Darren Reynolds, making him decide to attack death with renewed vigour and hoping to make that speck one of the most important specks in evolution. To its honor transhumanists go out and do something practical and constructive.

January 12: Halday

The birthday of Hal, the computer in Clarke's 2001. Held in honor of all artificial minds.

June 7: Uploading Day

Celebrated in commemoration of the death of Alan Turing (1912-1954), his contributions to the theory of computation and especially as the originator of the uploading vision.

November 10: Festival of Cybergnosticism

Future Holidays and Celebrations

Singularity Day

A future holiday that will be celebrated on the anniversary of the Singularity.

Lunar May Picnic

Suggested by Dan Clemmensen:
So, why don't we get together on the moon, say at the center of Copernicus at 0001 hours UTC, May first, 2006 AD, to have a reunion?

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