Comments: Scholarship and its Antibodies

It should also be noted that some very brave students also engage in academic pranking.

One example I can think of is an English Major I know who decided to also do a bit of anthropology. Unfortunately his prof was some madwoman who had a nasty case of "primitive cultures are superior to us".

He decided to prank her by writing a paper on how cannibalism was a wonderful innovation by these people and how it had all sorts of nutritional and societal benefits. However, when he got the paper back it was given an A grade and the lecturer appeared to have taken it seriously and thought it was genius.

Another example that comes to mind is that my sister's best marks in English always came when I got together with her and helped prank the English teacher. I'd never actually write anything, but I'd give her ideas. Like the time they were meant to write something gothic and she ended up writing what was basically a plot summary of an extremely wierd Vampire session involving a Malkavain being fleshcrafted into the likeness of Elvis. This too, got top marks.

Posted by Korgmeister at January 16, 2004 02:58 AM