Interaction visualisation of the Extropy-Chat list.

Each discussion thread (orange) and poster (blue) with enough interactions (two or more postings) are shown, with area proportional to the total number of emails (including from posters not shown). They can be dragged with the mouse. The right mouse button anchors nodes so that they stay in place: this is useful to stretch out the graph to show who is communicating with who.

Keyboard commands: (click in applet square to give it keyboard focus) 0-9: load different months of list traffic. Arrow keys: pan z: zoom in x: zoom out c: recenter and zoom back r: reset anchored nodes s: toggle names of threads p: toggle names of posters

To view this content, you need to install Java from

Source code: listtree, based on random arboretum.

Built with Processing

Anders Sandberg 2007