May 02, 2012

The King's Trough and the sunken mosque

I recently came across King's Trough, a deep valley or trough on the eastern side of the mid-atlantic ridge. Since there was nothing on it I made a Wikipedia entry for it.

In looking for information I came across this page: Kings Trough, Under Sea Features Prayer Times . The site calculates prayer times for Muslims, and apparently the location database includes underwater locations too. I assume Muslim divers and submarine crews do not have quite the same complications as astronauts in defining the direction to Mecca or proper prayer times.

A hilarious detail: apparently there is a mosque on the California Seamount. Or maybe a data entry error. But I find the vision of a grand mosque built on top of a seamount in the middle of the Pacific lovely. Deep sea corals grow along the walls. Fish swim in the faint blue beams of light crossing the central dome. The minaret proudly rises towards the sun far away, occasionally confusing a passing shark.

Posted by Anders3 at May 2, 2012 04:36 PM