September 23, 2011

Linking minds

BCINESTA - Mind over matter - yesterday I participated in an even organised by NESTA about the posibilities and impact of brain-computer interfaces. We had a fun discussion about everything from integrity to facial expressions. The link has a video of the event.

While preparing I started thinking about what I was carrying. At least in my case most objects I carry extend or enhance my function:

  • Clothes - "super-skin", better able to keep me warm, safe, and dry than normal skin. Plus social signalling functions and enhanced carrying ability (pockets).
  • Glasses - enhancement of my vision, especially if they had been sunglasses.
  • Smartphone - a wide range of outsourced functions, such as sense of place, communication, identity, knowledge etc.
  • Cryonics necklace - ability to communicate intentions while unconscious. Plus social signalling.
  • Camera - enhanced vision and memory.
  • Keys and credit cards - identity access.

It was amusing to notice that the same day the Gallant Lab at UC Berkeley published the paper Reconstructing visual experiences from brain activity evoked by natural movies demonstrating just how amazing neural interfaces can become. Although their system is even less practical than the temperamental EEG-interface that was showcased at our event.

Posted by Anders3 at September 23, 2011 03:55 PM