May 27, 2011

Dirty math

Some time ago I posted a steamy dodecahedron picture. Generally erotic mathematics is under-represented on the net (despite, or perhaps because, sex is sublimated mathematics urge). However, thanks to Boing Boing I encountered the pictures by Mirko Ilic, Sex and Lies Part I and II. Here we see the disturbingly erotic potential of cylinders, lemniscates and various manifolds.

While looking for my original post I discovered This goes the other way around, eroticising various geometrical shapes by building them out of humans. The images are not that risqué; the shapes of Ilic are far more sexual. Even if the characters were engaged in sexual activity I doubt they would reach the same intensity as the abstracted fleshiness of the nonhuman shapes - there is a focus and ambiguity there that is lacking in the more architectonically elaborate but far too transparent structures. Real sexuality might require a certain murkiness, even when it is mathematical.

(Obligatory, and NSFW, Oglaf reference - I wonder how common polyhedral fetishism is?)

Posted by Anders3 at May 27, 2011 11:06 PM