March 02, 2011

Ice cream like mother used to make

Banana parsley icecreamBeing a food empiricist willing to try anything survivable at least once, I was intrigued by the reports about a London ice cream parlour selling ice cream made with human milk. Unfortunately they were stopped (for now). But here is a post about my thoughts on the ethics of using human milk in food.

Basically, as long as they can maintain food safety (you do want to avoid hepatitis viruses) there doesn't seem to be any morally wrong with it to me.

I guess this is a bit like the discussions about whether eating cultured human meat would be cannibalism. Old yuck factors getting in the way of enjoying life. Made even more problematic by a highly diverse society where people have wildly different perspectives.

Posted by Anders3 at March 2, 2011 09:46 PM