September 08, 2010

Sharing the data

ElectromagneticData Dependent Journalism - Open Data on Vimeo. A video from Jonathan Marks interviewing some of us from LIFT10. I'm in there, talking about crowdsourcing and the wisdom of crowds. The others are more interesting or important, of course.

I was delighted to see that Anders Mildner in SvD today brought up government data sharing in Sweden. Citizens ought to have access to the data their government amasses, not just to see it but to build on it and maybe add new functionality to their society. Given that broad experimentation (with social rewards for good solutions) seems to be better at creating radical new innovation than limited, formalized optimization it is likely that opening up government data would improve societal epistemic function.

BTW, here is an interview I did with Remi Sussan at Fing/Internet Actu, about intelligence augmentation and collective intelligence.

Posted by Anders3 at September 8, 2010 08:23 PM