August 23, 2010

This and that

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain
My bank webpage has *opening hours* for some subsections, a quite remarkable concept that completely negates most of the point.

I just finished making the first version of my own website for Eclipse Phase texts.

Tarte Tatin is hard to beat as a dessert.

Rebecca Roache rechecked my survey for the truth of Nick Bostrom's claim "there are more papers on the reproduction on dung beetles than about the risk of human extinction". Looking at ISI, Scopus and Google Scholar this seems to hold true- Due to the nature of search, this kind of survey will tend to overestimate human extinction papers ("human extinction learning" etc will cause overcounting) and underestimate the dung beetles by not using their correct taxonomic names).

Another glaring comparison: scholarly papers on Star Trek and human extinction.

Not that Star Trek or Scarabaeinae are uninteresting or unimportant research topics. But it is a bit embarrassing we are spending so little effort on ensuring our own survival.

Posted by Anders3 at August 23, 2010 01:42 AM