December 01, 2009

It works for bruises in Germany!

Windy WestminsterPractical Ethics: Diluted evidence: is there anything special with homeopathy? - I blog about the committee meeting on the evidence for homoeopathy I attended last week in Westminster. Hurray for Ben Goldacre and Evan Harris.

It was an interestingly mixed audience - homeopathy supporters and us, a bunch of scientists participating in the Royal Society pairing scheme.

The things that really struck me in Westminster was how much was going through the motions. Partially this was of course due to the traditions of Parliament and the imminent election. But I wonder how many man-hours of actual decisionmaking and actual communication happen in Parliament per day. Definitely some, and it is partially augmented by assistants and departments, but it is likely a very small fraction. On the other hand, what would a government that actually used all its brainpower do? We have never seen such a beast.

Posted by Anders3 at December 1, 2009 08:04 PM