November 02, 2009

Halloween AI

Halloween scenarioThis Saturday I attended an excellent lecture on superintelligence and AI by Shane Legg. It is now online on YouTube, available via Halloween lecture online. David Wood has a summary here.

I found the talk very enjoyable, and it was a bit unsettling to learn that there are AIXI-versions up and running today. Yes, they are weak and merely playing pac-man, but it was like hearing that somebody had actually made tiny, safe black holes in their lab. It was also exciting to hear just how much has been happening in the neuroscience/neural network world while I have been distracted.

Shane's Halloween scenario was fun, because it is the closest thing I have seen to an AI roadmap. And it is quick. Of course, AI is *always* 10 years in the future :-)

Posted by Anders3 at November 2, 2009 10:41 PM