November 13, 2009

A freemium on privacy?

Oil 2I gave some input to a report written by the Future Laboratory for Oracle about "Capitalizing on the digital age". Not very futuristic by my standards, but still full of interesting small ideas that make sense of things.

For example, the trend towards polarization of quality seems real - lots of free, participatory, unpolished and unedited stuff that people like, but also a higher premium on the really good information. I cannot live without both Wikipedia and The Economist.

An interesting aspect is that privacy is becoming tradeable. "Consumers to Swap Privacy for Customization" as one article put it. Privacy is not just (potentially) a right, but something we negotiate, trade and use. This of course makes it even more important for companies and governments to retain the trust of their users. People are voting with their (virtual) feet much more today, and they are better at telling their friends who broke their trust.

Posted by Anders3 at November 13, 2009 03:20 PM