March 12, 2009

If we treated 100 people like you with Bacon sandwiches...

Threat refuted2845 ways to spin the Risk | Understanding Uncertainty (via Bad Science). A very nice little demonstration of how risk can be spun/visualized/confused by how it is expressed.

The site is quite good. Even a cursory look finds several interesting articles and simulations. We need more education about risks and risk perception if we are to be able to actually live in a risk society. Since risk is one of the few values everybody can agree on in a post-ideological and pragmatic political mainstream it is very important to be able to be critical about it. (The reason people can agree on the importance of risk is of course, just like human dignity, that different people have different ideas of what it is but never expose them)

Posted by Anders3 at March 12, 2009 03:11 PM