January 18, 2009

Why was the Briggate crossing controversial?

RoundaboutI love specialized studies, be they of interesting parking lots or the tadpoles of south-east Australia (both books found in my library). Thanks to Design with Intent I came across CBRD: Pedestrian Crossings - a great history of UK pedestrian crossings, complete with flash simulations (including both the 1980 and 1985 version of the flashing amber arrow crossing) and the often bizarre administrative background.

Overall, the whole CBRD site is full of amusing details about the British road network - the names for the interchange types, details for the Magic Roundabout of Swindon (yes, that is its official name now) and the epic (and failed) London ringway project 1940-1970. There are also links to equally intriguing sites, such as The Idiots' Guide to Highways Maintenance and Pathetic Motorways. The only one lacking is my old favourite www.motorwaysteps.co.uk, now sadly defunct (see the wayback machine).

Not being a driver, I yet find the study of odology fascinating.

Posted by Anders3 at January 18, 2009 03:53 PM