November 03, 2008

Under the eye and criticism of the public

Surveillance birdI have nothing in particular to say about the US election, except of course the computer/ethics side of it: Practical Ethics: Election ex machina: should voting machines be trusted?

Unsurprisingly, I think we need more transparency and accountability in the election machine area. Security through obscurity is not going to work, and there is a risk of undermining democracy by undermining the trust of the vote. It is quite possible to make money from voting machines and have them inspected by everybody.

Ah, I forgot to include XKCD's always succinct explanation of what is wrong with much of current voting machine security. But I managed to get Bruche Schneier and John Stuart Mill into the same post.

Something hopefully completely unrelated: at the same blog, Matt, Julian and me have a short essay about Should We Be Erasing Memories?.

Posted by Anders3 at November 3, 2008 08:09 PM