February 01, 2008

Should Old Aquinas Be Forgot?

My my, how interestingOn David Chalmer's blog fragments of consciousness there was a mention of "Should Old Aquinas Be Forgot?". This is apparently a philosophy filk, and in the comments are mentions of a few more. This is good news, as I have previously decried the lack of philosophy filk.

The next step is of course to get mp3s of these. Or youtube videos. Beside the Wittgenstein March by M.A. Numminen and a piano rendition of Kant's Transcendental Unity of Apperception my collection is pretty bare. Not that I expect any great musical beauty; as I mentioned earlier academics on average are likely better at research than singing (still, renditions like the little Incompetent Design song almost makes me want to become a creationist, just like Stallman's rendition of the Free Software Song has made me appreciate Windows :-)

On the same blog there is also a nice frivolity, Philosophy teams. I'm in the topographical team, of course (I think a majority of Swedish philosophers would be).

Posted by Anders3 at February 1, 2008 01:09 PM