November 21, 2007

Cryo Britannia

DNA coinOn CNE I blog about the bioliberal autumn we have had in the UK. The BMA's report Boosting your brainpower: Ethical aspects of cognitive enhancements is a must read (OK, I helped out in its development, but only to a minuscule extent).

Then there has of course been John Harris book Enhancing Evolution (will it be the #1 transhumanist Newtonmas present this year?) and the usual activities for us at the FHI and Uehiro Centre. Guess why I have not been blogging so much?

Of course, there have been some interesting counterarguments too. A few weeks back we had Michael Sandel over to lecture about accepting the Given (I better blog about that interesting topic). I'm also looking forward to RSA ethical futures event "Boundaries to Human Enhancement" December 3.

I actually think there is something happening on this island biopolitically. The question is if we can get to the point Britannia waives the rules on enhancement?

Posted by Anders3 at November 21, 2007 07:06 PM