July 08, 2007

Monogamy Infographic

The economist pokes a bit of fun at the republican presidential hopefulls. The mormon candidate is the only one still on wife #1.

Normally the use of small icons to denote numbers rather than just markers tend to be bad infographics, but here there is a strong 1-to-1 correspondence with real people. I wonder if the corresponding graphic for a gender-mixed list where there would be husbands to count would work?

Having actual portraits might be even better, but perhaps harder to read as a throwaway infobox. However, since people can recognize faces just a few pixels across it might perhaps be possible to do not just sparklines but sparkfaces? Maybe there should be tiny pictures after each name in a running text to help keep track of people.

Posted by Anders3 at July 8, 2007 01:50 PM