December 07, 2006

Defending against Xenoviruses and Endocorruption

xenoendo.jpgToday's CNE Health blog is about xenoviral defense - not defending against the Andromeda strain, but against potential animal retroviruses evolving in xenotransplants. Martine Rothblatt had a very interesting proposal for a global xenodefence that might be even more important in terms of dealing with emerging diseases.

Last week it the blog about transparency and the evidence-based medicine organisations. (I also noticed that the always interesting Samizdata linked to it).

If there is one thing I think we can get sane and freedom-minded people across the political spectrum united about it is demanding more government transparency. Even if you are a total state-hugger it makes sense to ensure that it is working at optimum efficiency and that it demonstrates its integrity to the unbelievers at every turn. And if you think like me that the evidence is rather firm that governments tend to fall prey to all sorts of public choice pathologies it is even more necessary.

If something is based on taxed money the least we can demand as taxpayers to have as full access to its inner workings as possible. After all, these working are supposed to represent us and be in our interest, so what is there to hide? Any opaqueness must be carefully motivated, not just assumed to be the default state.

Maybe a start would be to demand that the EU allows an independent audit?

Posted by Anders3 at December 7, 2006 07:08 PM