September 15, 2006

Sugar, Surprises & Scalpels

sugar.jpgI haven't linked to my CNE blogs for a while. My most recent one was about genetic testing for diabetes and whether it would be useful. I was somewhat surprised to see just how widely Janssens et al. were quoted about these tests being fairly useless. Either the journalists were really trying to find some balancing counterpoint, or this team is doing a great job of spreading their research findings. Or they have an axe to grind. Normally when I feel sceptic about the latest hype I tend to talk about it, but seldom to this extent.

Before that I talked about the inevitable surprises in cancer treatment. It is amazing how small trends can add up and how easy it is to miss them.

Fair trade scalpels is another interesting topic. But as I argue, they won't do much good in the current centralistic medical sector. Fair trade works when it is decentralized, not when it becomes corporativist.

Posted by Anders3 at September 15, 2006 12:16 AM