August 01, 2004

Posthuman Cricket

Towards a posthuman sport, or a better world?. A nice blog about genetic modifications in sport from Cricinfo.

I'm actually sceptical of the idea that third world nations would be at a disadvantage in sports that allow biotech doping. Given how much good biotech is being done in India right now I hardly think their cricket players would be behind. Biotech might be very suitable for development even in poorer countries since it requires less material investment than many hardtech fields and could rely more on local creativity and genetic resources.

But more generally, many poorer nations appear to spend inordinate amounts of capital on their sportsmen in order to promote their national self image (OK, I'm not much of a sports person :-) Hence it would be plausible that unless genetic enhancement are very expensive they would be accessible even for their sportsmen. From an equity standpoint there is still a problem, but that would now be that taxpayer money were spent on projects that might be less relevant than others.

Posted by Anders at August 1, 2004 07:51 AM