The Technological Sphere

A machine is as distinctly and brilliantly expressively human as a violin sonata or a theorem in Euclid. Gregory Vlastos
General Technology and Policy

Biotechnology Living beings, or living technology, has an immense potential and unlike nanotechnology it already exists.

Nanotechnology Manipulating matter at molecular scales would give us close to unlimited control over it, and make many other technologies possible.

Space Technology and Colonization What are the prospects of space?

Complex Systems As technology grows more complex, it also becomes more unpredictable. Can we control it, or even use its complexity?

Advanced Computing Practically all transhuman technologies will require tremendous processing power; how can we achieve this?

Information Management Information is becoming just as important as energy. How can we handle it, and turn it into something useful?

Megascale Engineering How large structures and projects can we create?

Space Time Engineering Can we build artefacts out of space-time itself?

Miscellanous Technology

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