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I am attracted to plastic surgery because it is a fight against nature, the idea of God, the programmed, the DNA which is in charge of representation. I believe the body is not sacred as religion taught us, it is just a costume that can be changed. -- Orlan

Surgery is at present a fairly crude art, based on forcible macroscopic modifications of the body combined with its ability to heal the damage afterwards. This will likely change in the future when for example nanotechnology or biotechnology matures. However, despite this surgery is currently able to achieve significant feats.


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Intersex Society of North America (ISNA). An organization for individuals born with anatomy or physiology which differs from cultural ideals of male and female.
Gender Reassignment Surgical Procedures. Surgical methods of changing gender.
Gender Reassignment Surgery in Yahoo
Neural Transplantation and Recovery of Cognitive Function by John D. Sinden, Helen Hodges & Jeffrey A. Gray. How transplants of fetal cells can restore damage to the hippocampus.
Your Next Body (Wired 7.02 1999). Some new medical developments.
Hand Transplants.Not just interesting in itself as a surgical feat, but also as a step towards using transplants not just for life-threatening illnesses but for general disabilities.
Heads Up for Transplants By John McKenzie (ABC News). On Head transplants.

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