Terminology From The Omega Point Theory List

Here is my second attempt at gathering together the terminology used on this list (comments welcome as usual):

Aleph: A point or state where an infinite amount of information is stored and processed. [Mitchell Porter]

Angel Plasma: The extremely hot state of the collapsing universe in the OPT, where superintelligences ("Angels") exist as computational systems somehow encoded in the particle interactions.

c-boundary: The set of points which are not the pasts of any points or the future of any point in spacetime (essentially the "edges" of spacetime).

Classical Omega Point Theory: The theory that the future c-boundary of the universe is an Omega Point. [Tipler]

C-Mind Theory: The physical explanation of mental activity both objective brain process and subjective qualia does not need quantum mechanics in any direct way. Specifically no giant coherent quantum wave functions are involved. All one needs is the classical physics of neuronal firings and classical ion transport etc type theories. [Sarfatti]

Cosmic Omega Point: An Omega Point on the future c-boundary of the entire universe.

The Dyson Scenario: Life expands into the universe, which is open. As the universe cools, life stores energy to survive (do information processing). It waits until the universe is cool enough, performs some processing with part of its energy stores, then waits until the universe has cooled so much that the remaining energy can be used to do an equal amount of computation, and so on.

Emulation: An absolutely precise simulation of something, so exact that it is equivalent to the original (for example, many computers emulate obsolete computers to run their programs).

Immanent Omega: The developing Omega-being in the last moments of the Omega Point Theory, as it becomes more and more godlike but is still finite.

Local Omega Point: An Omega Point on the future c-boundary of a part of the universe (such as an Omegon civilization).

Omega: The Omega Point seen as a single being or God

Omega Point: A future c-boundary which is a single point and an Aleph. (p142 PoI) Tipler defines this state as (p132-133 PoI):

Omega Manifold: A limit state of the universe where the amount of information stored and processed is infinite (an Omega Point is a pointlike Omega Manifold) [Mitchell Porter]

Omega Point Theory: (Also called the Quantum Omega Point Theory) Quantum general relativity with the Omega Point as a boundary condition (p189 POI). [Tipler]

Omegon: A hypothetical civilization which creates a local collapse of spacetime in order to create a c-boundary and reach an Aleph state. [Vic Stenger]

The Tipler Scenario: Life expands to fill the universe, which is closed. As it begins to contract, life uses its shear energy to survive and manipulate its evolution. As the universe collapses, the speed of information processing increases without bound and life evolves into an Omega Point.

Transcendent Omega: The limit of Omega on the c-boundary; Omega seen as a transcendent being.

Universal Immortalism: The belief that death can be overcome completely, even for people already dead.[R. Michael Perry]

Q-Mind Theory: The theory that mental activity can only be explained through quantum mechanics, especially by giant coherent wave functions.

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