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Humans are social animals, and even trans- and posthumans will probably in general interact socially (although there are some trans-individualists who seek to become independent from all other human beings). What forms of society will develop? What ethical systems works in a world where there are enormous spans in intelligence, power and state of being between the citizens?

Equally important, how do we get there from here, without causing undue social upheaval? Transhumanism is a philosophy among others right now, and vulnerable to the same threats and opportunities as other ideologies. Understanding our role in society is just as important as changing it.


Social problems and Questions
The Transparent Society
Social Science
Transhuman Life
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Social Problems and Questions

How should a society be organized so that self-transformation becomes possible and both human and transhuman values can exist side by side?

Extropians and Law by Greg Burch.
Extropian Environmentalism at Extropy Institute.
Extropian Environmentalism by Greg Burch
The Nanotech Future: A Digital Conversation with BC Crandall by Arthur and Marilouise Kroker. How to reap the benefits from nanotechnology without accidentally (or deliberately) ending all DNA-based life? Memetic engineering might be an answer.
Social Implications of Nanotechnology
The Economy of Ideas by John Perry Barlow. What to do about our intellectual property laws? They don't work in cyberspace, will they work in a posthuman future?
Creating a Learning Revolution by Nicholas Negroponte, Mitchel Resnick, Justine Cassell. Most transhumanists agree that widespread education is one of the best ways of achieving a better world. This article discusses what principles should control the use of digital technologies intended to support such a learning revolution.
The Global Ideas Bank. An International Suggestion Box at for socially innovative non-technological ideas and projects, with £1,000 UK sterling awards annually for the best ideas or projects submitted.
The New Meme by David Brin. What is it that makes Western civilization so unique?

The Transparent Society

Leading the pack by David Brin. How can we use the net?
The Good and the Bad: Outlines of Tomorrow by David Brin.
The Transparent Society by David Brin (Wired). The cameras are coming. They're getting smaller and nothing will stop them. The only question is: who watches whom?
Discussion between David Brin and John McChesney on the transparent society.
Unmasked Society by Zack Stentz (Metroactive)
Review of The Transparent Society by Rob Slade.
Openness and Privacy. A discussion forum on the Social Impacts of Surveillance and Encryption.

Social Science

Artificial Culture: Experiments in Synthetic Anthropology by Nick Gessler. About anthropoligical and social studies of simulated systems, attempting to clarify studies of real systems.
Computer Generation: Visions and Demands by Anders Sandberg and Robert Söderberg. About the "computer generation", the generation who has grown up with computers and take them for granted. What are their vi sion of the future?

Future Politics

Speculative Fiction and Future Politics page by J. Hughes. Speculative fiction provides a rich source of discussions about the changes in premises necessary for democratic movements in a technologically changing world.
Politics and The Tools of Artificial Intelligence by Denny Rock (cY.Rev #3 1995). Applications of AI tools to politics.
The Transnationalist. Do we really need nation-states?

Future Economics (Exconomics)

To put it mildly, technologies such as nanotechnology, biotechnology and uploading will change present economic realities. A post-scarcity economy would be very different from our present, and so far no economy has ever had to deal with unbounded expansion.

If Uploads come First by Robin Hanson. The economics of uploading, and its consequences.

Transhuman Life

The future of companion animals by John de Rivaz. A look at the possibility of engineering companion beings, and the questions that result.
Ageless Thinking: Creating a Positive Transhuman Attitude by Natasha V. More. How to maintain a youthful state of mind and body, and avoid ageist stereotypes.

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David Brin, The Transparent Society, Perseus Books 1998 ISBN: 0738201448. Chapter one is online.

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