The USA recently banned funding for human cloning research, because of pressure from public opinion. Various examples of laws against genetic modification, are a fact in many western societies already. And laws against cloning are currently being discussed.


Cloning, a process that exists in nature in the form of identical twins, is suddenly linked with fears of degrading respect for human quality of life and violations of human rights, when humans discover that technology.

Yet cloning research is funded by societies where human rights are NOT being violated on a large scale, but in societies where those human rights are of relatively high standards, possibly as a result of that same power of public opinion.

Once again in our history, humanity is being condemned for bringing its 'species inherent evil ?' to a natural process, that under the coordination of natures survivalism, and a fair amount of CHANCE, is considered 'inherently good ?'.

Amazingly reactionary thinking for people who call themselves 'progressive'.


Besides the fears of cloning technology bringing degrading human rights, there's the more justified fear that cloning can threathen our individuality.

Yet how would ones rights to her/his individuality best be served ? By allowing the individual to decide wether or not she or he would like to be cloned ? Or by passing on the responsibility for that decision to a state ?

The right to decide wether or not you would be cloned, is linked to that of the ownership of the individual over his or her own genetic code. Western societies are rushing towards a situation where those rights are massively being given up by the 'moral majorities' in those societies, to the state.

Note that the right NOT to be cloned, is also among those rights.


Since future visions of a society with abominable human rights, are being (over) used against cloning, let me make you aware of an alternative scenario.

When a theorethical human right for individuality, becomes a human DUTY for individuality, you can ask yourself this question: 'What sort of a state would possibly seek benefit from the absolute need to identify individuals by their genetic codes ?'

Also, NOWHERE in recent discussions have i come across the subject of the rights of the CLONE, to his or her individuality. A problem which could be solved in the future, should genetic modification technology be ALLOWED to develop further, that is...

The Participant Evolutionist Movement defends the rights of the individual to ownership of, and therefore the (still theorethical) right to alter her or his genome, and more general his or her physical architecture.

People who push for laws against genetic modification technology, do not realize they are interfering with those rights.

Now you know, you no longer have an excuse...

The Participant Evolutionist Movement