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Even if one does not accept the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis that language shapes our reality, it is clear that it can both help and hinder thinking. The design and use of language has always interested transhumanists, and will doubtless be an important part in moving towards a posthuman existence.


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Transhumanist Terminology.

Lojban - The Logical Language. An artificial language constructed to be as logical as possible, which might be useful for AI applications, speech recognition, translation and scientific thinking.

Constructed Languages FAQ

Constructed Language Mailing Lists

Constructed Languages in Yahoo.

General Semantics

General semantics attempts to untangle the real stuff (i.e. what actually exists) from our maps of it (i.e. what we call it or think about it).

General Semantics

International Society for General Semantics

General Semantics for Kids


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Relevant newsgroup: alt.language.artificial

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