From The Automorpher

by Natasha V. More <>

(Scene IV)

Smooth sensual silicon
Silver like structures
running pulses of data.
Glistening chips, nanochips, small smaller smallest.
Animated realities, virtual realities, multiple selves.

A door opened quietly
And she walked into the room
her body smooth, supple

Her shoulders held back proud
a glimmer in her eye
and without notice
she brushes her hair away

How old are you? they asked.
How old are you?

A hesitation filled her
as she quickly assessed

My augmentation is three years now
my right hip five
ocular implants just two weeks
age reversal nearly nine

She took a sip of water
licking the droplets off her lips
her eyes glimmering hair a shimmering sterling,
her outer sheath like mulatto warm bronze

How old are you? they asked
How old are you?

And when she turned to leave the room
all eyes followed her form
just to realize before she left
She was not yet born

(Scene V - a declaration)

Do you know your mythic presence?
You must know your mythic present.

Out of the stockade of stereotypical thinking,
idle beliefs, negative-newsmaking,
stagnant relationships or
the voice of mythic collective identity.
Turn-off the haze, tune-up the mind.

Create new myths.
Your mythic heroes become a composit of many.
Prometheus, Nietzsche,
Camille Paglia or Da Vinci
Who do you admire?
Design a concept -- design a Hero.

Learn about your genes and the evolution of memes.
Recognize that what you pay attention to will be
incorporated in your thinking.
What you think is what you are.
Think artfully.

Sculpt your being as you would a great masterpiece.
Master intelligent thinking.
Render flexibility, optimism, inventiveness.
The concept of art is not standing still

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