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Anders Sandberg's homepage. It's one of the best personal pages in existence, having information for his many interests, including transhumanism, the occult, science (both normal and weird), mathematics, and the roleplaying game Mage: the Ascension.
Anders Sandberg's Occult Page One of the biggest collections of occult resources on the Web. Anders shows a lot of diversity, drawing upon many authors, traditions, and other web sites to produce what I consider the most well-rounded Occult site of them all. We seem to have influenced each other along the way - at an early stage his page looked a lot like mine, then he added a lot more stuff, much of which I then reviewed and added to mine.
Anders Main Page Anders Sandberg comes as close to being a real Renaissance man as one can in this century. More or less everything cool can be found from his home page.
In our preparation for this hearing, we have found information on how to construct bombs on the Internet. Curiously, the most detailed information that we found comes from Internet sites located outside the United States. The Terrorist Handbook, that contains information on how to make bombs similar to the one used in Oklahoma City, is available from a British World Wide Web site.4 And, information on how to make an atomic bomb can be found on a Swedish site. Testimony of Jerry Berman, Executive Director Center for Democracy and Technology Before the Senate Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology and Government Information
Anders Magick Page ... What this page wishes it were. The all-out best magickal home page on the Web. If you know of a better one, email me, please! Anders Mage Page ... Anders Sandberg does it again! This is actually a page for the role-playing game Mage, but there is a great deal of actual magickal knowledge here for those who can read between the lines.
Anders Index Page Anders Sandberg index at lists various strange topics. Anders Main Page Anders Sandberg is into weird things and his webspace proves it. Michael Somos
If you are looking for something unusual, Anders Sandberg's home page is the place to start.
Ander's Transhuman Page "Transhumanism is a philosophy that humanity can, and should, strive to higher levels, both physically, mentally and socially. It encourages research into such areas as life extension, cryonics, nanotechnology, physical and mental enchancements, uploading human consciousness into computers and megascale engineering." Again, IOATW is in agreement, but we're a little tired of this "post" human, "trans" human, "exo" human crap. Show us one person who has yet to be a full human being before you try to jump beyond that.
Transhumanism For real over-achivers. One of us [MP] is rather sympathetic, the other [CRS, who's writing this] classes them with the medieval alchemists and Brethren of the Free Spirit, and indeed suspects a historical link. In this we betray our respective cultural backgrounds: Mitchell is from the Anglo-Saxon world, therefore mystical and idealistic and constantly yearning for transcendence, whereas I am Asiatic, and so empirical, skeptical, and suspicious of anything that seems other-worldly. In any case, the best place to start is Anders Transhuman Page, followed perhaps by a distinguished ancestor, J. D. Bernal's The World, the Flesh and the Devil.
ANDER'S TRANSHUMAN PAGE the net would be a pooer place were it not for Ander's pages...
It's not that Anders is anti-human, it's just that he thinks there is so much more. All about Transhumanism, and its related topics of Cryonics, Bionics, Artificial Intelligence and Memetics. Heady stuff.
This personal page provides a huge collection of Web resources relating to transhumanism, which it describes as the "philosophy that humanity can, and should, strive to higher levels, both mentally, physically and socially." A major goal of the transhumanist movement, it seems, is the pursuit of Life Extension, since aging and death are "two of the most immediate hinders for total self-transformation and personal freedom." ("Hinder" is putting it mildly.) Technical and philosophical speculation about the possibilty of eternal life here includes a discussion of cryonics: "If all else fails, freeze yourself and hope someday, somebody can help you." Should anyone object that this goal is a hubristic or merely unrealistic one, the page offers a list of counterarguments to "Deathoid Memes." This is lively stuff, but probably of most interest to people who already buy into the transhumanist philosophy.
Get prepared to be scared. He's a Mad Scientist , a Transhuman, Technocratic Marauder Mage and he's Swedish. Say hello to Anders Sandberg.
Ander's Trans-Humanism Page {this ander's guy is my own personal god.....take a look at some of his many pages and you might just agree with me.....Rev.SnoKone}
Anders Transhuman Page Transhumanity is a philosophy based on the ability of human beings to improve themselves, mentally, physically and socially. It is directly linked to research on cryogenics, bionics, and other post-biological processes designed to immortalize human bodies. The most radical of the treatments discussed here is "uploading", in which an individual has his entire consciousness stored on computer, so that he or she can be "defleshed" (the physical body discarded). Philosophical tracts grapple with the biggies, like "What is Life?" and "What is a person?" INTERNET www
Anders Sandberg has put together an immense digest of information about and links to a diverse well of extreme oddity. His primary focus is on the occultish side of spirituality, but there's also plenty on transhumanism, mad science, discordia, illumination, and magick.
To read everything on his page you need an infinite amount of time.
I contrast them, wistfully, with the luxuriant super-cells perpetually firing away in the hugely improbable Anders. I feel I have glimpsed the future; and it definitely works.
>From: The Village Voice, April 02, 1996

Anders Transhuman Page is a monster overview of all things related to extropian futurism. Not much to look at beyond some cyber new-age graphics, the content is surprisingly serious-minded. Unlike other extropian pages, the buzz provided by these pages' wealth of oddly fascinating material counteracts the downer realization that this is just the hi-tech version of white-boy libertarianism. Best quick hit is the extropian dictionary, with items like: aeonomics: (from aeon and economics) The study of the economic problems of immortal existence. (Dauphin)