Igor the Receptionist

Welcome, Master! I'm so happy you like to talk to lowly, snivelling poor me... Can I take your coat, fetch something for you or lick your shoes Master? Oh, help you. Well, this is the main lobby of Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow Internatial. The goal of EGBTI is to help mad scientists, alien masterminds or other superintelligent (and slightly warped) beings in their pursuit of World Domination, Weird Science and general mayhem.

From the Main Lobby Master can reach our many different divisions and projects. There is also Dr Nimbus Singing Corner, where the world renowned geneticist sings filks about medicine and genetics. Other interesting divisions are Anders Transhumanist Page (to the left), dealing with transhumanist plans for changing the Human Condition. Physics News above are completely normal news (after all, Master, we need to keep up with the world before we take it over...). There are also doors to our intelligence research labs, where you can talk to alien intelligences (cats and computers). To the right there is a door to our Supernatural Division, dealing with UFOs and such, and Department of Creative Atomic Physics where we have plans for simple nuclear weapons. And finally also a link to the archive collected by Lord Kibo of the collected works of Robert Mcelwaine and Ludwig von Plutonium, two of our greatest members... sure I can't lick your shoes Master?