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Gesture Recognition at the Visual Computing Laboratory

gesture Recognition

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Alan Wexelblat

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Gesture recog paper at ZGVD

Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments Volume 3, Number 3 Summer 1994 (Gesture Recognition Based upon Statistical Similarity)

Bibliography of Natural Gesture Related Research

Gesture-Based Interaction by Philip A. Harling

CHARADE: Remote Control of Objects using Free-Hand Gestures

/pub/ssfels (tal via handske)

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Gestural Interfaces

Gesture Workshop '96

Conducting using gestures


Orientation histograms

Andy Wilson

Gesture recog using sta simil

Gestural Interfaces

Whole hand input

Machine gesture recog

Finite State Machine Gesture Mailing List :The GESTURE-L Forum covers study of gestures, gesture systems, and alternate sign languages. Send a "subscribe gesture-l " message to

A Linguistic Approach to the Recognition of Hand Gestures (Dynamic Gesture Recognition Using Neural Networks - A Fundament for Advanced Interaction Construction)

Neural Networks

Theoretical Research on Neural Networks at the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence.

Steve Lawrence

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Bibliography on the Self-Organizing Map (SOM) and Learning Vector Quantization (LVQ)




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