Short presentation of Robert Söderberg

Date of Birth : 22.11.1968
Address       : Essinge Brogata 19
                112 63 Stockholm, Sweden
Email         :
telephone     : ++46-(0)8-69 50 262
Robert Söderberg has studied computer science at Stockholm University and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), with specialization courses in computer communications, AI, and Human-Computer interaction

Physics studies at the Univerity of Pisa, Italy

Four years of experience with the Internet/WWW medium

He has worked on Internet market studies at L M Ericsson Corporate Business Development

He is currently participating in several projects involving Artificial Intelligence, simulation and the development of Internet/WWW services at Wognum Art AB.


Active in the organization of member activites, seminars and PR at the Stockholm District of the Youth Scientist Association

Interests include Internet/WWW, Interactive services, Human-computer interaction, cognitive psychology, methods for the structuring and presentation of information, Artificial Intelligence, marketing, organizational behaviour, strategy, propaganda and information warfare/C4I, 3D-modelling and Virtual Reality, digital currencies, computer communications, aeronautics and space travel, theoretical physics, physiology, neurophysiology

Flying & hanggliding, hovercraft, fencing, scuba diving

Visited each of Italy, Denmark, Norway, Germany, France, England, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic/Slovakia several times

Spoken languages:

Swedish, English, Italian, German, French