Thanks to:

The great god Thoth, lord of the written and digital realm, whose great magick has made it possible for me to gather the information of this module.

My players, who without realizing it created half of this module themselves during the game.

Several millennia of egyptians, who have toiled ceaselessly to create history.


I have borrowed a lot of stuff from other sources.

The basic idea of the connection between the Pyramids and Orion was based on a television program on the Discovery channel about "The Orion Mystery". No, I don't belive in it at all, but it makes a good plot for Mage.

Much of the descriptions of the gods are taken from Ancient Egypt: the Mythology, Egypt Art and The House of Netjer's official site (especially the lists of offerings and symbols). I have taken many quotes from Underground Streams.

Robert Ingdahl gave me several very useful descriptions of Egypt today and harassed me with interesting questions forcing me to study the land in depth.

Clip art has been taken from The Tomb of the Chihuahua Pharaohs (!).

Yes, there are likely some errors in the descriptions. Not to mention stuff that is just plain speculation with no basis in reality.

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