Egypt and Art, photographs and paintings by Richard Deurer. Anachronistic paintings, photographs of ancient monuments and modern Egypt, a virtual tour of various places, glossary, symbols and definitions, mythology etc.

Egyptian Antiquity, An excellent overview of Egyptian history, monuments, mythology etc.

Abzu, a guide to resources for the ancient middle east.

Magick, Myth and Religion

Egyptian Myth FAQ

Ancient Egypt: the Mythology. A very good website about the gods, goddesses, myths etc.

Egypt Section of Encyclopedia Mythica

The Egyptian Book of the Dead

The Osiris Legend and The Battle of Horus and Set.

The Orion Mystery. The original source of the idea I used for the chronicle.

The Sacred Landscape. Illustrated essays about sacred geometry, architecture and landscaping.

Underground Streams. About ancient traditions, secrets and cults winding their way through history.

Online Translators for Hieroglyphics in Yahoo (most are rather simplistic)


Virtual Mosque. About Islam, its foundations and history.

The Islam Page


Muslim and Arabic Names

Ancient Egyptian Names

Modern Egypt

Egypt in

Egypt in Yahoo

Alexandria 2000

Nomad Travel Photography

Egypt WWW Index

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