There are a few other mages in Egypt, mostly of little consequence.

The Dreamspeakers have never had much to do with Egypt, although there has been rare contacts between Egyptian priests and Nubian wizards in the past.

Alexandria was during the 20s a haven for the Cult of Ecstasy, but they have moved on, leaving a dusty city behind.

The etherites have a certain affinity for pyramids, grandiose architecture and ancient-new technology, but the reality of Egypt quickly tires them and they move on to other regions. The one exception are the explorers and archaeologists, who occasionally lodge at the Luxor Club.

The Virtual Adepts have so far ignored Egypt utterly - it is simply of no interest to them. As more fibre optics is laid down around the Mediterranean and the cable nexus of Alexandria grows, they might take a more active interest. There is a small group of Adepts interested in working with the Library, but so far the contacts have been inconclusive.

There are a surprising number of Orphans in Egypt, possibly because of the magickal nature of the land. There exists plenty of unusual characters in the nooks and crannies of Egyptian society, some Awakened, some not, many somewhere in between. Hedge magic is not entirely uncommon, especially lesser charms. The sellers of herbs and drugs in the bazaars often know some lore that may surprise even the true mages.

It should be noted that in the paradigm of Egypt, there is no firm distinction between Marauders and Nephandi. Both serve chaos, and are hence against the Law of Maat. Fortunately Marauder incursions are rare.

One group that should definitely not be overlooked is the Arcanum; the Winthrop Murray Chapter House in Cairo is a major crossroad for Arcanum research in the region, and its library competes with the Luxor Club as the premier occult library about Egypt. The Arcanum researchers investigate all kinds of strange events, and may turn into unexpected problems, foes or allies for mages working on the Plan.

In fact, the Arcanum suspects the existence of the Plan, but do not realise that there are real mages working on it (or are they secretly guided by the Red or White Monks? Remember the symbolism of Red and White - Set of Lower Egypt and Horus of Upper Egypt).

The Arcanum researchers are mainly interested in the ruins of the Temple of Sothis, trying to discover a clue to the underlying beliefs of the Egyptian priests. They also do some careful measurements of the distances between the pyramids, comparing them to the stars (recalculated for 4500 years of sidereal motion). Examining the sites of the missing pyramids is not something they will think of at first, but when they do they will be very surprised by the activity. The Arcanum just wants to find out what is going on, which makes them the most dangerous of all enemies.

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