The Egyptian Nephandi

Before the development of a structured cosmos there existed in darkness a limitless ocean of inert water. It was envisaged as the primeval being called Nu or Nun. No temples were ever built to honor it, but the nature of Nu is present in many cult sanctuaries in the form of the sacred lake which symbolizes the 'non-existence' before creation. In fact, this vast expanse of lifeless water never ceased to be and after creation was imagined to surround the celestial firmament guarding the sun, moon, stars and earth as well as the boundaries of the underworld. There was always a fear in the Egyptian mind that Nu would crash through the sky and drown the earth... George Hart, Egyptian Myths

Tarot Card: Ace of Primordialism (the Beast of the Ocean)
God: Nun
Symbol: A mongrel digging through a pile of refuse
Animal: Dog
Thing: Groundwater

The Dogs of Shaitan

The Dogs of Shaitan are a group of self-centred Nephandi who revel in their disgrace; they believe that through degradation comes power, from dissolution perfection. Unlike many other Nephandi they do not seek to corrupt others, they believe corruption has to come from within oneself (although they are not consistent in this belief). Instead they seek to spread entropy and chaos so that the conditions for physical, mental and spiritual degradation become as good as possible.

The Dogs have no fixed beliefs or plans, preferring chaotic action instead of making diabolical plans. Often a dog just gets an idea and goes out to implement it, afterwards boasting to the others who rush off to do the same or outdo the first one. These plans vary from the downright basic like vandalism or murder, to elaborate schemes the dogs themselves do not understand. Most of their mystical work is crude, directed towards furthering urban decay and their own degeneration. Typical acts involve the spread of entropic taint, being a bad example for others, rape, murder and desecration.

Most of the dogs are men and women from the street who become involved with the group in some way. Some are involuntary recruits, kidnapped and forced to endure weeks of depravity until they become like their captors. Others are lured into the group by the promise of forbidden experiences. And some rare few are natural widderslainte who come because their destinies draw them towards the maw of degeneration.

There is nothing the dogs won't do, since they seek to dissolve their egos in total chaos. If a dog seems to have inhibitions against something the others help him along, sometimes by forcing him, sometimes by goading him on, sometimes by killing and using him. Nothing is sacred, nothing is stable. Over the last years several have killed each other just for the fun of it, perhaps hoping to strengthen the dogs by weakening the group. The chilling thing is that it works; such apparently counterproductive actions enforce their nihilistic paradigm, and makes it more likely for others to follow suit.

Although it would appear that the dogs are so degenerate that they would be obvious to any mages in Cairo, they are actually very hard to find or discover. Partially this is due to their intimate knowledge of the city; they understand its dark side quite well, and blend in with people despite their deviancy. But they also have more mystical protection, a kind of animal cunning combined with well developed arcane. The ignorant Nephandi do not know it, but they are the latest incarnation of the Cult of Nun, the most ancient Nephandi group in existence.

The Cult of Nun

The Cult of Nun dates back to creation, when the forces of dark, watery chaos were temporarily driven back by the creator god. Since then the manifestations of chaos, led by the great snake Apep has tried to defeat the gods and destroy cosmos. The illegal priests of Nun worshipped these dark forces and sought to disrupt the law of Maat, order itself. From time to time they succeeded admirably, but they also tended to loose what they had gained. Several times the cult has been destroyed utterly, only to resurge in a new form in a new time (it is mentioned both in the writings of Theophrastus of Cyrene (100 BC) and in Ludwig Prinn's work De Vermis Mysteriis, 1542). Its goal has always been total chaos and dissolution, although the means have differed.

Through the chaos and madness that is Nun comes insights; many members are deeply in touc with their unconscious sides and the universal subconscious. From time to time the Dogs focus themselves on certain goals, inspired by diffuse visions and urges. At such times of activity the mad Nephandi can become extremely dangerous as they suddenly attack en masse, given deep insight into their enemies' plans and position from their dark dreams. Their attacks are unusual, since they do not seek tactical advantages; they prefer to spread malign corruption and spiritual advantages.

The Twisting Tunnels

Being almost totally disorganised, the dogs have no real chantry, but tend to congregate in places they feel are significant. One such place is a large, irregular basement beneath a decaying old block somewhere in the city. The walls are leaking nitrous water, which in many places covers the floor or fills low rooms. The flooring is loose, with unexpected pits and traps. There is almost no light, and some areas are in so bad condition that they may collapse at any moment. One of the previous members still hangs from the noose he hanged himself with a year ago. Down here the dogs celebrate their rituals, invoking whatever forces they can invent in whatever way they can come up with. A group of ten babbling lunatics are imprisoned in one dirty chamber not much larger than an elevator. They are kept barely alive so that they can scream orders to the dogs, and sometimes be used as entertainment.

From this cellar (and some other places in Cairo, especially a dirty alley that shifts its position from time to time) it is possible to enter the Waters of Nun, a realm existing outside time and space where watery chaos still rules. The exact way to enter always varies; sometimes the dogs dive into the pools of polluted water, sometimes they run through the dark labyrinths of the cellar with rising frenzy, sometimes they lock themselves into a lightless room until they begin to hallucinate, sometimes they engage in orgies lasting for days, collapsing exhausted into the realm. In fact, many members accidentally enter the Waters without planning to, and others who try to enter simply fail - it is impossible to enter them completely by design. Leaving is equally arbitrary; sometimes the Dogs return after a mere moment having experienced a subjective eternity inside, sometimes they appear days or weeks after entering, without any memories.

The Waters of Nun are an indistinct, unformed place where order doesn't exist, nothing is stable or certain. They are dark, watery and filled with half heard, half imagined voices and visions. In this sensory deprived environment most people will soon begin to drift between awake and asleep, loosing track of time and their state of mind. The ego begins to dissolve into the darkness and visions, until nothing but flowing chaos remains. This realm is the true source of power of the Dogs. To the Dogs, a visit to the Waters is a rare and refreshing experience that fills them with new visions of how to degrade themselves to finally dissolve their egos in all worlds.


Their main enemies today are the Euthanatos, who have killed several members the last years, and the Priestesses of Isis. The Isis mages are an unknown factor for most of the dogs, but the priestesses are doing their best to find and hunt down the dogs. Other mages suspect that there is an entropic force in Cairo, but have so far not found its source. The choristers are mainly blaming the technocracy for the City's evils, while the batini are too busy scheming and the hermetics spend their time in research.

Jibreel: Street nephandus

Essence: Primordial
Nature: Architect
Demeanor: Deviant

Appearance: A sinewy youth around 18 years old, with strangely old and dark eyes. Usually he is clothed in ragged and simple clothes, which partially hide his scarred body. Sometimes he uses Life to improve his appearance, and seduces tourists he later robs or kills.

Jibreel grew up on the streets of Cairo, staying alive in whatever way he could: running errands, selling things he found or stole, begging and hustling. When he was 10 he was caught by the police who gave him a severe beating for no particular reason. As their blows and kicks struck him, something opened within his mind and he realised that there was truth in degradation; he not only deserved his pain, he wanted it. Over the next few years he descended in a spiral of self-mutilation and vice until he found the Dogs of Shaitan, which welcomed him as a fellow brother.

Jibreel is clever, and does not indulge in depravation randomly. Instead he spends much time carefully thinking over his life, delightfully analysing all sordid details, regrets and mistakes. In fact, he has made self-loathing to a paradoxical art in which he studies all his failures and gladly seeks them out again and again both consciously and unconsciously. This deepens his connection to Entropy and chaos, and spreads their influence in the city around him. He has several allies who both help and use him for their own purposes, some of them quite influential. Jibreel has betrayed several of them and look forward to their revenges. In fact, he secretly hopes somebody will kill him - that would seal the meaninglessness of his life, and spread his taint even farther.

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