The Guardians of the Dead

Tarot Card: Death
God: Anubis
Animal: Jackals, cats
Symbol: A cat sitting half in shadow, half in light.
Thing: A decaying wall

In Cairo there is a small group of Euthanatos present, living in the City of the Dead among the mausoleums and their many inhabitants. Unlike the other mages they concern themselves almost completely with the lives of the Sleepers, especially those who live among the graves.

The Guardians protect the cities of the dead and their inhabitants, living, dead and otherwise. On one hand they protect the people from attacks from criminals, the Technocracy and the dark forces that dwell in the city (especially the Dogs of Shaitan). On the other hand, they comfort the dead and help them move on into the afterlives. They also keep an eye on the events in the Cairo Umbra.

The other mages know of them, and usually leave them alone. The batini sometimes trade services for information, and some of the Choristers give them alms, but that is all. The Priestesses of Isis keeps a wary eye on the Euthanatos, who respond by keeping an eye on the sorceresses. Both work against the Dogs of Shaitan, but never coordinate their attacks, which are incompatible anyway.

They inhabit a small mausoleum, half hidden behind a large pile of wreckage and at the side of a deep hole in the ground. Inside Grandfather and Son can usually be found

Grandfather is the master of the Guardians, a powerful mage hidden in an unassuming body. He is bald, sinewy and quick, with no teeth and blurred eyes; he gives an eerie impression of being half dead, half alive. How old he is is anybody's guess, but his skills in separating life from death, truth from lies and power from weakness are fearsome.

Father is sometimes called "Father of the cats" when out of earshot. He speaks with the cats of Cairo, learning many things from their stories and prayers. He can often be seen walking through the city, surrounded by small cats that seem to regard him as their leader. When he sits down, a alleycat will almost always accompany him. Anybody who hurts the cats deliberately (and not just because they are a nuisance) will get his subtle revenge.

The Son is just an apprentice, and still far from a true Euthanatos. Most of the time he can be found lying on the floor of the mausoleum, hidden beneath a ill smelling piece of cloth apparently dead or asleep.

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