Egyptian Artefacts

Understand, then, O Son of Wisdom, what the Stone declares; Protect me, and I will protect thee; increase my strength that I may help thee! Hermes Trismegistus

The Seven Scorpions of Isis

The seven scorpions lie in a square wooden box, with name cartouches on all sides, spelling the names Petet, Tjetet, Matet, Mesetet, Mesetetef, Tefen and Befen. If the box is opened the scorpions emerge and demand to know who has called them and by what right; the opener must name each scorpion with its correct true name (the cartouches on the box) or they will attack him. If he succeeds in ordering the scorpions they will obey him, although they occasionally test him by asking for their names.

The Seven Scorpions were created by Isis to act as her bodyguards, and may serve anybody who knows their true names. Unfortunately, they have a slight quirk: they are extremely talkative and love to argue, debate and banter; one of the few ways of keeping them silent is to keep them in the box, which they don't like.

Charms: Materialise (as a normal-looking scorpion), Poison.

Their sting is a fearsome magickal poison which drains life; it can hurt any being, from the simplest human to the mightiest god. The scorpions can also gather their power into a single sting, making it sevenfoldly deadly. Normally each success at a Rage roll will give one dot of aggravated damage; however, the victim will not die from it unless the owner of the scorpions so decree, otherwise the victim merely becomes paralysed and weak for as long as the poison remains in the body (equivalent to the time it would take to heal the wounds). The poison can be healed using Prime 3 magick, each success cancels one dot poison.

The Harpoon of Isis

A plain copper harpoon, intended for hippopotamus hunting. It is magickal, doing aggravated damage, but upon the command of the caster it may return to her hand and the damage is undone. According to the myth Isis used it to tilt the outcome of a fight between Horus and Seth in the shape of hippopotami. She threw it at one of the contestants, but Horus cried to her "You hurt me, mother!". Isis quickly called to the harpoon "Back!", and it returned to her hand and she threw it as Set instead.

The Shards of the World Egg

Practically nothing is known about the shards, except that they were kept in the temple at Hermopolis and were stolen in the fourth century BC. It has been theorised that they are the original qlippoth, the forces that resisted creation and was defeated by it. That would make them tremendously powerful nephandic foci. Another theory says they are remnants of the Pure Ones, a part of their power. That would instead make them enormously powerful foci for creative magick, and possibly the key to reuniting the shards of the Pure Ones. One group of choristers have suggested that if they are ever joined together the world will end and everything will return to the One.

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