From: (Loren S Hardy) Date: Sun, 23 Mar 1997 20:05:33 EST

Please post this everywhere an identical twin clone can read!

A message to all those racist people, including governments and religions who haven't learned how to help themselves yet!

Since I am a bonified human clone amongst millions of others, (an identical twin) I am finding all this debate about human cloning a bit offensive to myself and others I know and love. Kind of smacks me in the face as though I am being discriminated against in a way Kind of like the black people of the world and our country were and still are being treated.

***** In case you haven't learned it yet guys, discrimination and racism of any race or group of people is wrong, unlawful and extremely immoral! *****

This kind of childish behavior hurts people and sometimes gets people killed as a byproduct of the hatreds it breads amongst gullible ignorant people! ( To President Clinton, I sure hope you aren't one of these racist persons! You don't need ethologist or self appointed religious leaders to tell you how to read your own mindful-heart, and if you do, we are all in for more trouble than I thought.)

Human clones exist today in me, my twin clone, and in the hundreds of millions of others! We are not a small group! And we are not deserving to be a subject of racism or discriminatory talk any more than any other race, religion, or people are.

PUBLIC NOTICE: I am hereby putting these the United States Nation on notice, that such continued inflammatory talks is paramount to slander and racism on a grand scale, and I formally demand that this stupid inflammatory debate be stopped! Also I request a letter from the president of this nation, to this nation to be entered into the public record, and :televised live" since the stupid debate has been publicized the same, recognizing our human rights as any other person of this nation or world have.

We are alive, and human, and are a formal part of every race, religion and culture on earth today, and always have been. I think it's time all twin clones of this world stand up and claim our right (in a way that people can't ignore) to exist, procreate, and have normally acceptable lives as any other individual.

This issue of whether human clones have rights to exist and do any/all things as any other individual must stop. To not stop it is paramount admitting as a society, that this society has not recognized our human rights of existence from the beginning of this nation as being equal as any other white, black, hispanic, or any other race in this nation or world.

You know, I Kind of thought this nation was getting a handle on how to stop being racist pigs, but maybe I was wrong! I guess that time will tell!

I think it's time that all human clone twins pull together to fight this issue. We may, just like the blacks hispanics, and other races, need to fight it out in the courts regarding our rights of existence and procreation.

If other non-clone people can have normal non-clone babies in a way the see fit, so can we have normal (to us) clone babies no matter how many clones we choose to make in the same ways they do. We have a right to create offspring, that of our own clone selves. This is our Nature! We have lots of common-law jurisprudence to back us up in any court of the land.

All identical twins, like it or not, are "The People or (race) Of Clone"! To be a Clone, is to be Human!

If other people can have test-tube babies, we should have these rights also. And if our offspring is just like us, born a human clone just like we were born (a clone), well, that's our natural right. We have always had that right, and no one can take that right away from us without an enormous fight. Even if we loose a fight in the courts, no person (or judge) or country can take the right from us. The right is inate! Inalliable unto our very own beings, just as our right to life, happiness religious freedom and liberty is!

******* Any other human clone twins out there and their parents, who would like to come together with me to form a potential class action civil and criminal prosecutions of "all opposition" to our rights of existence as a people, and free abilities to reproduce other clones naturally or otherwise, being recognized the same as normal people, please send me your name, address phone number, and email#, and let me know how much funds you will pledge to this fighting cause if needed. ********

Just to let you know, If we have to go to court to fight for these rights, there will be a heafty cost, and I will expect all people enjoining the court action cause to participate in the funding.

The blacks had to do it, The homosexuals had to do it, Peoples of many religions had to do it,

I guess it looks as though we will probably have to do it too. (Fight for our rights in court!)

Loren Hardy, trustee for
World Humanitarian Resource Network