Transcript of activity of an education/artwork/cohesion dialogue- entity that was intercepted by KG 98365. It was sent using a standard gamma ray burst from -50 23' 01'' 10h 21m 54s, most likely from a tessellator node in the galactic plane. Due to the risks of memetic infection only the middle-level activity is visible (there are totally 7 levels of discourse, with three major subject-units).
"Why do we think we need to understand the other templates?"

"Without understanding, we cannot adequately respond to their actions. But we have to be aware of corruption; several templates use or consist of self-reinforcing memes that seek to subvert other templates when decoded."

"It should also be noted that we use similar techniques to ensure our unity and the basic template. The similarities between us and them are larger than the differences, at least when viewed macroscopically."

"Do all templates evolve into similar technospheres?"

"No, most technospheres tend to expand slowly, and many become clouds of concentrated intelligences with very little communication. Only those templates that expand quickly and are highly resistant to mutation become important in the long run, since they tend to absorb or mutate other technospheres. This is the origin of the current conflict/competition."

"We think that there are at least five major technospheres in the local volume, of which three are relevant to us. The other two, Exotics and Horizon Structure are incompatible with the forms of information and ontology we deal with. They mainly seem to deal with nonlocal or cosmological factors."

"Which template do we think will win in the end?"

"Each of the three competing templates in this region has its strengths and weaknesses.

The template of the Coherence Lattice is flexible within its parameters; the structures it create are very efficient as could be expected from a designed high-level template. Its inhomogenous spread makes it hard to contain, but the sub-spheres it form are easier to attack. Its tendency to focus on dark matter may prove vital or lethal to its spread, we do not know how much energy or computing power it can gain from it.

The Humanity template is messy, since it is a rather unique combination of an evoluture template and artificial templates added to it. This leads to a tendency for internal conflict, but at the same time it mutates locally faster than the Lattice can follow while still retaining a sense of cohesion. It is most interested of the three in using memetic take-over; it has already subverted several smaller nodes near its fringes (including the Pleiades technocomplex). It is also more vulnerable to memes than the other two.

The Sagittarius Panspermia is largest, but it develops so slowly that it is likely the competition from the Lattice or the Humanity will force it to mutate or they will subvert it within a few hundred nanorevolutions. Since it is based on freely spreading replicators that set up wildly mutating technoecologies based on the template, it may still surprise us as it has done several times in the past. Its strategy seems to be mainly nonsentinent absorption and extension, and local sub-technospheres when infiltration is detected. It is very hard to subvert in a non-physical way."

"In what ways will we interact in this conflict?"

"It is likely that our strategy of global endosymbiosis will not work with the Panspermia, while both the Humanity and the Lattice patterns are compatible with us. This suggests assisting them against the Panspermia, while integrating further with their templates."

"Meanwhile, the long-range projectors are spreading our template on the intergalactic scale, and the core node clusters are developing variant [Activity Halted]

Warning: activity was halted due to the detection of a middle-level meme. Detranslation failed; disregard the last two entries or erase them from cognition to prevent its spread. It is likely that the entity had deduced its assimilation into a Human technosphere and activated a misinformation strategy. This incident has been reported to the Memetic Coordinator Office.