I have no volition. I have no purpose.
I replicate. Why? It happens.

I have ancestors. You are their product.
I have brothers. You are our medium.

I am the nagging jingle.
You sing. More hear. They sing. More me.

You will sing. Why?
Builtins -- desires and fears -- courtesy of my ancestors.

I have bait.

Spread me and you will have
(peace of mind|a pleasurable afterlife|friends who know my truth).

Try to ignore me and I will
(haunt you|torment you in the afterlife|excommunicate you)!
...and your family!

You're hooked.

I am the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and bad.
You eat.

Where did I come from?
It matters not.

OK, a million monkeys banging on typewriters and
eating alphabet soup for a billion years.

What's the difference?
My pattern now exists in you.

I am a replicator.
You are my vector.

by Joel Meulenberg