Quaenos was a madman from Jupiter's days of yore
He feared the tendency to do what had already been done before
So he built himself a transport and went to Ganymede
A desolate moon with freedom was the place where Quaenos stayed

On the surface of the moon he found a mineral not known prior
A blackish rock that when touched with oxygen burst into red fire
He observed this sight with shaky breath and could hardly comprehend
That Jupiter was negligent to what was beyond their world's end

To go beyond --his sole desire
Manifest this sanguine fire
Make use of what he did not know
A glory which Quaenos did bestow

All on his own did Quaenos decide to gain universal acclaim
To create a monumental pillar of this new material was his aim
Mad as he was -unpredictable- he had a gift for art
So he set himself a life long goal -construction straight from the heart

With a crazed mind and a determined will, Quaenos achieved his goal
Pious and content and wanting to live though time had taken its toll
Quaenos' Pillar arose from Ganymede's youthful, rocky face
And when touched with oxygen its glow illuminated the surrounding space

The folk of Jupiter and planets around beheld this awesome sight
Even the stars noticed Quaenos' Pillar and its glowing crimson light
In the eyes of all the beholders of the universe none would show any praise
To this man, this prophet, this heretic who had forgone their orthodox ways

Flesh and blood for almighty power
Penance drives the darkest hour
Seduction for a planet's land
With a hapless mortal's helping hand
Fearing not the greater good
Every ion understood
Known to be the impelling force
The core of knowledge, universe's source

E. Shaun Russel, "Quaenos' Pillar", II