Timeline (Tempus Time)

These dates refer to the known incursions into history in the current (as of a.u.c. 154) timeline. Many other interventions have occured but been erased by incursions reaching earlier dates.


4,000,000,000 BC

Mainliners introduce life on Earth (-1,400).


400,000,000 BC

Mass extinction (-640) caused to produce alternative to Trilo timelines.


62,000,000 BC

Intervention (-51) producing alternative to Strigae timelines.


300,000 BC

N’Modugno intervention (-26) preventing Homo neanderthaliensis from evolving intelligence.


324-301 BC

Major N’Modugno expedition –13.



Strigae/Tao/N’Modugno intervention (0) in middle East and Africa.



Expedition from Crikan Commonwealth, accidentally wiping out the Shoukakegawan timelines.



Ex intervention 150 to prevent phasemites from disrupting history. Expedition brings back numerous artefacts and may have influenced the course of science in Britain.



Tunguska detonation caused by a 151 experiment by Strigae.



Aquincorian visit 153, mainly to aquire art and books from the Smithsonian and Library of Congress.


Timeline (Aevum time)


Oldest records. Ex Tempore inhabited by a single culture.


The Transformers subjugate Ex, reshape the timestream numerous times and eventually give up, restoring the others. Only the Koon possilby remain from this era.


Experiments in changed physics. Continue intermittently for at least one and a half million years. Cause much change in Ex.

-63,000 - -8000

A mainliner alliance restricts access to the timestream to themselves, forcing the peripherals to request access through them.


Ex reorganized from a toroidal band structure to a spherical structure.


Scyllae invade Ex Tempore, are defeated and settles down.


Life seeded on Earth.


Trilos start to appear in Ex Tempore.


Strigae start to appear in Ex Tempore.


Tauiatta develops from Strigae and a decaying mainliner culture.


Humans start to appear in Ex Tempore. The Karnetn are brought to Ex by mainliners.


Lamplandae start to arrive to Ex Tempore. Engages in a complex and long-running internal conflict.


Belkazanthe formed.


N’Modugno manage to wipe out Homo Neanderthaliensis timelines, ending Lamplandae immigration. They are punished by the Koon.


Republica Aquincorum arrives.


First Nova Roma Consensus formed.


Babel disease first diagnosed.


Shoukakegawa arrives.


The Immortal Kuang Empire is studied from Ex.


The unification conflict. Shoukakegawan clans attempt to sieze control over Consensus-chambers, leading to a war between NRC and other groups.


Nitlaki arrive.


The utopists return to the timestream, weakening but also helping the Republica Aquincorum.


(Second) Nova Roma Consensus formed


Teams from Fatimid Sicily arrives.


The Amerigo Vespucci, the Third British empire and the Mukhalla Egalitary arrives.


The present.